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The ONLY Dating After Divorce Book You'll Ever Need


Doing Dating



After Divorce

I’ve created Doing Dating Right, an online dating mini-course just for people like you. Over the next week, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about ONLINE DATING, And I mean- the things you REALLY need to know. 

Seriously. It’s that easy. Because who wants to deal with blind dates or Covid when you can find a winner while you’re sitting at home, drinking a glass of wine in your pj's? ME! 

In this 5-day mini-course, I’m going to tell you what sites to use. Exactly what to add to your profile (and what to leave out). PLUS, I’m throwing in tips on how to take the PERFECT online dating pics!  And the best part? The videos are YOURS to keep! 

Normally, I would sell this bundle of goodness for at least $150 a video - But I'm feeling extra-excited (and generous) today! Because I love what I do! And I know Dating After Divorce (or at any time) isn't easy. 

So...I’m offering the entire Doing Dating Right 5 Part-Video Series for only $49.99!!!

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