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034: Stop Telling Yourself That You Suck

Stephanie McPherson is a certified IIN health coach, certified behaviors and motivators life coach, and the creator and host of the cooking show, De Fa Rekin Licious! She has been on a journey of health, wellness, personal growth, and self-exploration since her early 20s! One of her biggest passions is to host my own cooking show on the Food Network and one of her biggest inspirations is to facilitate and be a catalyst for the transformation and increase an awareness of oneself so one can operate at the highest and best version of one’s self!

Today, we’re chatting about:

  1. Finding the time to take care of ourselves

  2. Making the choice to shift how we approach our health

  3. Being conscious about the choices we’re making

  4. Finding the why behind making a life change

  5. Simple things you can do to take care of yourself

  6. Going after the things you want even when it’s hard

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