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5 Tips to Make Your Dating Bio ROCK!

  1. Whatcha Want. Say what you ARE looking for in a partner, not what you're NOT. Capiche?

  2. Picture Perfect. Make sure your first picture is one of you smiling BIG! Lose the sunglasses. Show your pearly whites and your eyes, please! No duck faces or filters, girls. Men, no fish, bathroom selfies, or kissing your dog.

  3. Positivity, Por Favor. No one wants to date a negative Nancy or Nate. NO ONE. It's OK, to be honest, and specific about what you're looking for in a relationship, but for the love of GD, be kind about it, please!

  4. Close Your Lips. Short & sweet. Yes, it's OK to share...but oversharing on a dating profile is not. Save the ooey-gooey, yummy stuff for your in-person dates. Don't give away all your juicy secrets before you even get off the app! Make a man earn your deepest darkest secrets and personal information.

  5. Open-Ended Closer. End that profile off with a question that guy will have no choice but to answer! Like, "enough about me, what's your favorite pizza topping?" or "Your turn, green text or blue bubbles?" Get it?

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