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Dating Profile Mistakes Men Make

Ok, guys...It's your turn, and I'm here to help!

  1. Being a Basic Bitch. Guys. Stop being so boring, generic, and "blah." Just say what you like and tell us why you like it! This is your ONE big shot at making a GREAT first impression. Don't fuck it up!

  2. ABC, Eazy, and 1,2,3? Jeez, boys. Use Grammarly for fucksake! Wait, did I spell that correctly? Listen, spelling and grammar mistakes can make you look lazie and uneduduacated. ;)

  3. Coming in Short. Do not lie about your height. I get it; most gals dig a taller duce. Yes, studies show this, sorry. But if you don't "measure up" and choose to misrepresent-- it can only cause disappointment when you do meet IRL.

  4. Thanks for the Memories. Old pictures from high school? Ummm, no siree, Bob! That ain't gonna fly. If those pics aren't from last year (or at least from this decade), this coach will make you switch them up!

  5. Bad to the Bone. Keep your negativity and a bad attitude at bay. Look, I get it; online dating gets frustrating. It's exhausting! But if you are actively participating, bring your best self and A-Game to the table. Otherwise, take a break until you can play nice.


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