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Donuts For Dinner

I love donuts.

(Really, who doesn’t?)

My favorite are the chocolate ones from Dunkin’ with the chocolate frosting. Holy shit, I could eat like twenty. And there’s nothing better than washing them down with one of those Frozen Hot Chocolates. What? You don’t agree? Or how about the regular hot chocolate on a wintery day? Yum.

Whatever, you clearly haven’t lived.

Which explains why so many of you were appalled when I posted on Facebook that I gave my kids Dunkin’ Donuts for dinner the other night! Yup, I shared on social media that I “made dinner” which consisted of donuts and frozen hot chocolate and y’all went absolutely ape shit. It was as though I had injected them with heroine and force fed them Jell-O shots.

Lawd, ladies! It was ONE dinner of donuts!

And yes, I did ask your opinions. And sure, I thought it would stir up a little trouble.

But never in a thousand years…did I think a “donut dinner” would cause such a disastrous dialogue.

Here’s how this went down: I asked, on a scale from 1-10 (ten being the worst), how bad of a Mom I was for giving my TEENAGE boys donuts for dinner. Period. End of story.

Within minutes, my FB feed started lighting up! Some comments were cute, like, “You’re the best Mom, Jen! How fun to have breakfast for dinner!” And some were like, “Ummm, really? I guess I’d give you a 4. Donuts are not really a dinner thing. But every once in a while.” And then, I got these comments: “10! You cannot possibly think that is ok?” Ugh.