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I should do a PODCAST?

Check one, two.


Is this thing even on?

Can you hear me? Cause this seems to be working but it looks like a giant, black penis and I can’t really be sure! Push what button? Where is it? Ohhhh this one!! Yaaas!

Hi, hi! Helllloo, out there world, I’m Jennifer Hurvitz and THIS is Doing Divorce Right Podcast!

(Oh, for fucksake a podcast?)

I have a blog and a book. I’m on Instagram, have a YouTube channel, and set up some Pinterest boards. Oh, and can’t forget my Facebook page! Hell, no! But a PODCAST? What the hell is a podcast, you ask? (I don’t blame you. Just a few months ago, I had no idea what a podcast was either.) Honestly, I didn’t know how to find one, download one, or even listen to one. I shit you not, a podcast was completely foreign to me.

Well, I’m old and technologically unsavvy, so if it’s not Justin Timberlake on my Apple Radio, fuck it. I feel your pain, understand it…and that’s why I am writing this.

It wasn’t until I was asked to be ON a podcast as a GUEST that it became clear. I was actually asked to be a guest on my dear friend Jon Dwoskin’s show, THINK Business Podcast. I bought a microphone and learned how to plug it into my laptop. I got a program called Zoom so I could go on the “air” with him. (I was big-time! Ha. Ok, maybe not, big-time…but I was uber excited about being on my very first podcast.)  Since that experience on Jon’s show I haven’t stopped. He introduced me to a couple of other podcast peeps in the industry who started me on my way with Doing Divorce Right Podcast, my current show.

Ok, there was a bit more to it, but who wants to hear all the boring details? (You do? Fabulous.)

So, in April…I went to Saaaaan Di-ago (a whale’s vagina) where I met about 200 other kick-ass podcasters at a conference. I got all this training on leveraging and monetizing and the power of new media. Plus, I got to pitch to other podcasters who are considered “icons” and already have established shows. And they were there to find guests to feature on their shows! Pretty fucking cool, right? So, I went and had NO clue what I was getting myself into. I had a best-selling novel, a pretty popular blog, and a big personality. But I didn’t have a podcast yet.

What the hell was I going to pitch?

Well, I pitched me.

I was authentic, real and true to myself. I pitched my story.. I pitched Jennifer Hurvitz…and I got booked on a bunch of amazing podcasts. I was nervous and shaking. I almost started to cry. (Oh, and I said I had to pee.) I think I said during my pitch, “You have to just do divorce right, it’s the only way!” And someone said, ”That’s it, Jen. If you ever do your own show, there’s your name….Doing Divorce Right Podcast.” But I loved every minute on the stage, in front of those “icons” holding that microphone and have loved being on their podcasts over the past five months.

To all the hosts for having me on their shows over the last few months and ALL OF MY GUESTS for helping me get the numbers I’ve reached. I am humbled and blown away. I wake up every day in disbelief…and I’m actually having a really good time.

This week, not only did I put up my show per usual, but I was a guest on the Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast with Joanna Kleinman and Emily Golden as well as Smashing The Plateau with David Shriner-Cahn. Amazing!  

So thank you for having me, Y’all and to all the listeners who continue to do the downloading! Oh, and the reviewing! And subscribing!

(Ok, if I use one more VERB in this blog I might lose my shit.)








Hahaha…how funny is that? Well, here is one more…finishing. I am now finishing this blog and going to sleep. Love you all to bitz. 😉

Xo j

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