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In My Humble Opinion…

This post is short–I’m knee deep in book re-writes and more than a little stressed that my eldest is now driving. But as I’m rewriting my book, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to share your opinion for a living.

In my humble opinion.

It’s a very strange thing, this “IMHO”.

Because even though I am completely entitled to it, people are still going to judge me anyway! They will have their own opinions that contradict mine and get all upset. They take what I say personally…and start hating.

But that’s ok–bring it.  

I didn’t write my next book for the faint of heart. I wrote it for married people who are contemplating getting divorced. They need to hear the truth. It’s not an easy thing to do–to peel back the curtain between what you think divorce will be like and the shitshow it really is. (Because even when you have a happy divorce, it still turns absolutely everything upside down.) This book has not been easy to write and I KNOW it won’t be easy to hear. But it’s necessary and I felt compelled to do it.

I thought long and hard about putting myself out there and taking a bullet…because trust me, I will. Really, I already am. I’m hearing loads of shit about how I’m being hypocritical of my brand and unsupportive of the “divorced tribe of women” out there.


But ask yourself–by being honest about what divorce truly looks, I’m really helping people to make an educated decision. (And let’s be honest–I am crossing my fingers that even one person will read this book and rip up those divorce papers.)

Look, I am NOT saying divorce isn’t the right move for some. In fact, it was the right move ( I thought at the time) for me. But if I knew then what I knew right now….well I guess you’ll have the read the book to find out. 🙂

(And if divorce is inevitable, for fucksake, I’ve got you covered!)

So here’s where I stand: I’m a divorce coach who is pro-marriage. I believe that if you can stay married and do the work, then you should do it. If divorce is a must, it IS possible to do it amicably and respectfully.

Make sense?

Perfect. Now, if you have your own opinions on marriage and divorce (and I’m sure you do), that’s awesome! Write a book or, better yet, comment below or come visit me on Instagram. I love to talk about it all…

Because helping people (and talking, ha) is kinda my jam. 😉


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