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Jennifer Hurvitz: Branded

I was born Jennifer Erika Hurvitz.

Then it was Baby Hurvitz.

I even answered to Jenny at times.

Or Shag, Hurv, Hurvy…or Hurvitz.

Then one day after a few vows, a couple of ring exchanges and a whole lotta hoopla…I became Jennifer Erika Weintraub. Yup, I decided to give up my maiden name and pick up the hubby’s. So, it was honey, baby, Jen or bitch when shit got bad. And after about a year and a half (give or take) I became Mommy. Sigh. That was the best of the best. Being called Mommy was the best name of all. Had a nice ring to it, huh? And after awhile Mommy became, Mom.

Which as of late has come full circle…back to Jen. 

Ya. Well, my boys call me Jen sometimes when they’re trying to get my attention.

What? It’s true! They say I don’t answer in crowded places because there are so many other “Moms” around. Ha. And I think it’s fucking hilarious when Jonah is driving, and I yell at him for doing something super stupid (he has his permit), and he will look at me and go,”Jen, I got this.” Really? You’ve “got this?”. Umm. Fuck no, Jonah, you so do not “got this” my little friend. Because if you “had this” we I wouldn’t be fucking screaming for my life in the passenger seat.

Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub is what I became when I got my divorce three years ago.

I mean, I figured I should keep the “Weintraub” for my kids. And the “Hurvitz” for me. I wanted to have the same last name as them, so they didn’t feel weird, or maybe it was so I didn’t feel like they were no longer a part of me? I kept the Weintraub, so I still felt like I was a part of them. My friends asked why I didn’t drop it like it was fucked up. I just said,”I am keeping it for the boys, and I’ll never drop it.” And they acted like that was a good idea. Well, duh! Of course, it’s a good idea. Yeesh.

Until I wrote a book about my entire life and sold 2000 copies nationwide.

Then Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub became a really, really bad idea.

So here we are today! I have made the executive decision to lose the Weintraub and go back to the Hurvitz, not only to protect my kiddos…but to re-brand myself and start over. Like a re-birth of sorts. Like Chelsea Handler, Jenny McCarthy…Brene Brown, all these fabulous women have one thing in common! (Besides a gazillion dollars, insane talent and superstardom).They are their own BRAND. They are branded. It just makes sense to drop The Truth Hurvitz and brand ME! Move over Little Debbie, here comes Jennifer Hurvitz! Betty Crocker don’t got shit on me! Elsie the Cow? Jenna Jamison? Ugh. Work with me here.

And we have the BRAND NEW WEBSITE~JENNIFER HURVITZ.COM Which has all things Hurvitz right at your fingertips! The Truth Hurvitz will be on it, The Book (One Happy Divorce), The Biz (My new dating and relationship coaching) and The Talk (Doing Divorce Right Podcast). Pretty sweet, right? And you can find it all in one place. Cool and convenient! I’m just trying to get my shiz together people. It’s not easy with all this stuff going on, but I am trying! I hired a VA (that’s code for Virtual Assistant). She does shit I didn’t even know a person needed. I mean I have time to eat now! And I have a business coach, too. She’s going to teach me how to make money, manage my time and make GOOD career choices. Coaches need coaching! Yassss, y’all!

I am investing in me; the right way.

So, please subscribe to this website to make sure you don’t miss all the neato things coming out this year. I am so proud of what I’ve accomplished, and can’t wait to share it with y’all. Listen to my new podcast and download it on iTunes. Review and share it with lots of people. It’s not just about divorce; it covers a wide array of topics. From nesting and co-parenting all the way to how to have healthy sexual relationships and making a marriage last. I’ve got guests from the world of intimacy and love to money and business. Doing Divorce Right Podcast will be every Tuesday on iTunes and here on And please, email me with your feedback. I’d love to hear from you!

And if you are interested in Post-Divorce Dating or Relationship Coaching, I’m your girl. Check out THE BIZ page for all my packages. I also do coParenting and Divorce Coaching, too. Hit the “schedule now” button, and you’ll be sent directly to my calendar to set up a 30-minute complimentary discovery call so we can create the perfect package to fit your needs. This is all so exciting; I’m looking forward to getting more clients outside of Charlotte. I can do Zoom and Skype sessions, as well as local.

Wowza!!! How fun is all this? Well, way more for me I’m sure. Thanks for letting me spew my news all over the place, and for all the love and support.

I think I’ll stick with this name for awhile, Jennifer Hurvitz seems like a winner. Oh, thanks, Art and Trish. 😉

xo j

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