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Learn How to Divorce your Story

Tonya Carter is a certified coach and entrepreneur who specializes in helping women with divorce. The journey of divorce can be very painful and lonely. Having to experience divorce herself, the road was challenging. Balancing single motherhood, financial hardship and facing health setbacks, Tonya decided to stop being a victim of her story and decided to be a victor of it. Her goal is to help women heal and completely divorce their ENTIRE story. Even though many people have legally divorced, that doesn’t mean their divorced emotionally as well as mentally. The purpose is to divorce it all!

Today we’re chatting about:

  1. How to own your truth after divorce

  2. Why it’s okay to be vulnerable

  3. How important it is to be a victor of your situation and not a victim

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Get a copy of Jen’s book, “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: A Divorce Coach’s Guide to Staying Married” here.

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