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One Reason Why Not

Not gonna lie.

In fact, I was sexually assaulted.


I was teased, too. And emotionally abused by my sorority sisters…and I’m pretty fucking sure I was date raped. After all, “No means no”, right? Well, it was supposed to. And that was all in my Freshman year at MSU. So, as I watched the Netflix Mini-Series 13 Reasons Why, I was overwhelmed with emotions. The same exact ones I remember having back in college, when I heard that I was video-taped by a frat guy without my consent. Oh, gets better…he showed it to his entire Fall Pledge Class. Ya, welcome to Bullying 101. Or is that Sexual harassment 200? Who cares. My life was changed forever. A little piece of my soul, taken from me…without my consent.

But I survived. 

Bullying will never stop.

No matter how many shows are made, or meetings are held…showing a girl slitting her wrists in a bathtub won’t stop “mean girls” on the playground. (And btw, labeling a group as “mean girls” is in fact bullying.) Emotionally immature brains can’t make that correlation, they will forget that dead body after a week…or a month. And go back to being bitches. It’s a lack of maturity; kids are impulsive. They say, and do things without thinking about the outcome…My kids included. Look, I’m not saying give up on spreading awareness. I’m saying let’s accept that it is an epidemic, and teach our kids HOW TO COPE. And I’m not suggesting we teach them to “just deal”, or accept abuse.

But do you know a person that hasn’t been bullied, or bullied someone else?

And don’t bully me for writing this, I’m entitled to my opinion.

Bullying is bullshit. It’s wrong, and disgusting…but it’s happening. Fuck, I bullied the bitch at Harris Teeter that cut me off tonight in the parking lot. I bullied my ex for most of my marriage. I bullied my little sister growing up, and recently I called a “friend” fucking crazy for doing a r