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Four Simple Stages of Dating: Truth Hurvitz Style!

Are you ready to make dating easier? Let's go!

MY FOUR STAGES OF DATING (D.A.T.E.) are NO-frills! (Like, plain and simple.) I like it that way. Uncomplicated to memorize and easy to execute! My kind of list. Ha. Can you guess all four without reading ahead? I mean, at my age- the more painless, the better!

Just remember the word DATE, and you'll be good to go! And yes, I created this acronym to help my clients, but it's all yours if you find it beneficial. Please tuck it away for a rainy day or share it with someone that might need it, too! Sharing is caring; all about helping others around here!

So, here we go...let's learn the FOUR STAGES OF DATING!

#1 - D is for DECIDE

Also, for DUH! Ha. Well, of course, it seems obvious! Because it is- you've got to choose whom you want to do this relationships thing with- make sure your "picker" picks you a good one, K? Or call me, and I'll help polish that picker! Either way, take your time; there's no rush.

#2 - A is for ATTRACTION

So, you've chosen a person, and you think they're attractive...but do you have chemistry? Do you vibe in person- are y'all a FIT? Or is it just a "textationship"? Yikes! So much to figure out at this stage. Do me a solid, give them a fair shot; real chemistry takes time. And it's also important to be comfortable being alone and knowing who you are as a single person before you can truly begin to be successful in partnering up.

"What is most important is to love yourself and be patient, as it is impossible to fully love someone else without loving yourself first!" ~Dr. Helen Fisher Ph.D.

#3 - T is for TRUST

Do you trust someone until they break your trust, or do they have to earn it? Hmmm. Either way, trust honesty are dealbreakers in any relationship. Trust is the confidence you have in someone that they will always stay faithful to you and love you. To trust someone means that you can depend on, feel safe with, and confine in them at all times. Trust can only come when BOTH people are vulnerable and allow one another a safe space to be vulnerable.

In time you will grow to understand yourself and your partner. And as you thrive in your relationship, you get to know each other; you know their strengths, weaknesses, and flaws. The letter "T' should also be for TIME. Building trust with a new partner takes TIME.

“Without communication, there is no relationship; without respect, there is no love; without trust, there is no reason to continue!” – Unknown.

#4 - E is for EVOLVE

Only TRUST and TIME will tell if you'll develop together into a strong, healthy couple or if your relationship with fizzle out before it begins. Slow and steady always wins the race- now, trust ME...take your time and enjoy maturing as a couple instead of growing apart! Yes! The letter "E" should also be for ENJOY! Ha!

Dating doesn't have to be a disaster!

I hope this simple-little acronym helps keep dating slightly simpler- well, at least it keeps you headed in the right direction. Remember to trust your intuition, if something feels wrong; it usually is. And if the first date isn't "perfect," give them a second try! You never know; maybe they were just taken aback by your awesomeness! Dating can be frustrating and difficult at times, but it is supposed to be FUN!

xo jennifer

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