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Putting Your Kids First While Co-Parenting…Using An App! With Jonathan Verk

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Even through divorce, parents still want to prioritize their kids first, but sometimes dealing with your partner in person turns this into a gargantuan task. Thanks to technology, co-parenting can now be done through an app, eliminating the need for in-person meet ups with your ex-partner. After going through tough times in his divorce, Jonathan Verk, the CEO and Co-founder of Hyphenus, thought of making it easy for everybody else. He talks about their flagship product, coParenter, and how it can help people with their co-parenting issues before they even think about bringing it to court. Discover the different features and benefits of using the app, especially on freeing more time for both parties in order to prioritize what’s important, which is the children.

Listen to the podcast here:

Putting Your Kids First While Co-Parenting…Using An App! With Jonathan Verk

I know I say it, I always do, I’m excited but this is an important episode and I’m going to get serious. I’m not even going to swear. This is why it’s important for everybody, if you are divorced, if you are thinking about divorce, if you’re single and you have children, if you’re co-parenting, if you’re thinking about co-parenting, if you are out there and you are with children and you are thinking about any of this stuff. I have one of the smartest guys I know. He’s smart. He did something amazing, it’s called coParenter. Jonathan Verk, come on. Jonathan, I’m your biggest fan. For everyone, coParenter is an app that everyone must have on their phones. If you don’t have your podcast app, next to it should be coParenter. If you’re divorced or you’re working on divorce or you’re getting separated or thinking about it. Jonathan Verk is here to tell us what it is and I’m going to be quiet and let Jonathan talk about it. Jonathan, how are you? I’m good. How are you doing? I’m good. Thank you for being here. Thank you for having me. Tell everybody what this amazing app does and start from the beginning. How did it start and what’s happening? CoParenter, as you point out, is good for anybody who’s involved in separation, divorce or co-parenting. Our platform is for parents who want to take a child-centric approach to their separation, divorce and co-parenting relationship. It helps them keep their kids’ interests and needs front and center, as they go through a process that is specifically designed to not do that. As you know, the divorce system is designed to make sure that the parents’ rights are maintained and they can and should be. What coParenter does is help these parents manage, organize and document their entire co-parenting relationship so that they can focus on the legal issues elsewhere, either with or without an attorney. Our tool helps people communicate, manage and organize their co-parenting responsibilities. We use artificial intelligence to help parents predict and prevent the most common conflicts from occurring. When they do occur, because they will, they are humans in complex relationships, parents. We connect them with a live on-demand co-parenting professional who can help them in real-time understand the nature of their issue. Brainstorm ways to resolve them and work with them to do so, and then help them create their agreement, draft that agreement, and synchronize it from wherever they are. It’s the uberization of child-rearing with somebody who you don’t live with and may or may not get along with but certainly where the decisions need to be made. It amps up the pressure and the stress and sometimes people need a little bit of extra help. Others need to document that the process occurred in the first.