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Reduce The Stress In Your Relationship With Mandy Metz

DDR Stress | Reduce Relationship Stress

Everyone wants a stress-free relationship, but it’s almost next to impossible. What’s possible though, is reducing relationship stress to a point where it becomes enjoyable. Owner of Mindset Master Podcast & Coaching, Mandy Metz, discusses the importance of knowing your criteria in any type of relationship, whether it be intimate, family, or work. She brings a unique insight on maintaining mind to body health and designing a life that ultimately creates more joy and less stress. Mandy also tackles the requirements of the modern relationship and touches on the benefits astrology can have on your personal relationships.

Listen to the podcast here:

Reduce The Stress In Your Relationship With Mandy Metz

I’m going to try and slow down because I got a couple of phone calls saying that I was talking so fast that people thought that I had this speed thing where you fast forward. I’ve got to slow down. I’m going to take a deep breath and I’m going to bring it down a notch. I’m going to slow down. There are so many good things in the works today. There are lots of good things going on in my life. Lots of big changes and big things. I’m going to do a solo podcast and talk all about it. In this episode, I have a cool interesting, out of my realm of everything kind of guest. I usually have on divorce coaches. This coach, that one and this one.

I found this awesome woman on She Podcasts, which is the coolest place ever. I’m going to be speaking at She Podcast Experience Live event. This is cool to be having a special guest today from our She Podcast Live Facebook group. Mandy Metz is an astrologer, a metaphysician, a natural health practitioner, teacher, she’s a professional public speaker as well as a business management marketing student. Mandy, what don’t you do? How are you doing?

It’s so great to be here.

I’m so glad to have you. Everything you do is cool. Where do I start?

There’s a lot that goes on in my world. What’s interesting is, I take it all and make it work well together. Where would you like to start?

First of all, you have a relationship program and your Mindset Master of Modern Relationship Program.

Let’s talk about the relationship program. If I was to sum up, everything that I do, simply, I’m a stress management expert. 80% of the stress that we experience in our lives comes through in the way that we interact with our environment. These are the people that we’re in a relationship with. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic relationship or if it’s with your children, friends, or even your coworkers. This is where business management comes into play. How we do that can set us up for success or it can take its toll on us, whether that’s mentally, emotionally, or physically.