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The Big (COVID-19) Secret

I’ve been quiet.

I know I haven’t said much.

People are reaching out and asking if I’m okay…wondering if I’m depressed or just busy? Have I been writing or working on a project? What am I doing, and why am I not posting or recording FB Lives? Why aren’t I TikTocking like a mad-woman or putting up Insta-story after story with my minute-by-minute play-by-play of my life in quarantine?

Do I have COVID-19, and I’m just not telling anyone?

Is that it?

Or are my nails and roots so bad already that I can’t be seen by the rest of the Social Media world?

Is Hurvitz hiding something?

No, y’all. Hurvitz isn’t hiding anything.

But Hurvitz has a secret. And Hurvitz is going to stop talking about herself in the third person. Ha.

I have something to share with you all, and it is going to come as a really, huge shock. So, I hope you’re sitting down. Ready?

I am an EXTROVERTED introvert.

Yup. I am. And for those of you who know what I’m talking about, then you can completely understand why this “lockdown” is just what the doctor ordered. YES…you heard me I am so happy to be in quarantine I can hardly stand it. You see, for people like me, us Extroverted introverts (yes, pick your mouths up off the floor!), I find people to be both intriguing and exhausting at the same time. I love y’all, yes. But JESUS I love my bed. People watching at an airport, YES. Writing a new book at Starbucks, FOR SURE. Meeting new folks and hearing their life stories all day long. But can I go out on the daily with friends whooping it up? FUCK no.

In fact, I love to be invited to shit, and I’m even offended if I’m not. But I will most likely decline an invite. And 7 times out of 10, I’ll say YES and then come up with an excuse to stay home. Anyone else? Can you say extroverted introvert? Hand up! Now, who’s happy to be in a COVID Q? Yes! Ha. Now look, I do have a specific small group of friends that I could be in lockdown with practically forever and be just fine. Even Jim or my Sister. My girls (they know who they are) they are easy-peasy. Simple. The rest of the world seems draining and sucks the life out of me after a certain amount of time. I’d rather just be alone. In my jammies, then spending time with people I don’t want to be with.

And let’s be honest, I’m often confused for an extrovert.

Everyone thinks Hurvitz loves a crowded room! She loves being the center of attention, …what a “party girl.” No one buys that I’m an introvert because I’m “so social,” but I just play the extrovert so fucking well. Even on social media, “out there” and “on” all the time is tiring. And so, you know, I spend so much time explaining to people how I’m honestly an introvert! They don’t believe me. But those who really know me get it… they see that I’m deeply introspective, and I enjoy deep authentic conversations. Small talk is honestly tricky and tedious; I’d rather be on my couch watching Queer Eye. I am slightly obsessed with Tan France. Omg, I love that man.

So, there’s my big secret.

I’m not coughing up a lung or hiding my horrid brows (although they are looking awful).

I am just thoroughly enjoying this forced social distancing for a bit. I’m taking the time I need to breathe and recharge; space I need to find my inner juju again. When I’m rested, I’ll come up for “social air.” I think by looking at me, people assume that I’m easy-going and got it all together…but truthfully, being an extroverted-introvert, I’m totally “in my head,” and my mind is always racing, running and hustling. It never stops. Never.

I am my happiest when I’m home, in my UGGS, writing a blog or watching a show. Being with my boys or snuggling with my man. And while I love going out and being social is super-fun, I am at my best when it’s a smaller group of close friends around a dinner table having a good conversation and enjoying each other’s company.

I’m looking forward to that in the next few months…

Until then, it’s Zoom calls, FaceTime and Lysol. Stay healthy and be safe, y’all.

Xo j

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