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Why You Should Take a 21-day Hugging Journey

DDR Hugging | Power Of Hugging

Hugs can be a powerful tool for conveying emotions that cannot be expressed in words. In this episode, Dr. Stone Kraushaar breaks down the definition of a hug and the science behind why it works. Dr. Stone is a Clinical Psychologist, Therapeutic Coach, and fondly known as “The Hug Doctor”. He believes that all people share a profound human connection and offers his services to those who are looking to be more deeply connected to others. Using his expertise, he devoted his life to developing attitudes, mindsets, skills, and tools to become a world-class hugger. Dr. Stone shares all of this in his program, the 21-Day Hugging Journey, and book, Hug Therapy: A 21-Day Journey to Embracing Yourself, Your Life, and Everyone Around You.

Listen to the podcast here:

Why You Should Take A 21-Day Hugging Journey With Dr. Stone Kraushaar

Dr. Stone is a clinical psychologist and therapeutic coach who discovered the transformational power of hugs and the difference they can make for us personally, as well as having a global impact. Fondly known as the Hug Doctor, he professes that we share a profound connection. He advocates for people to live lives full of joyful hugging. He inspires people how to do so literally and metaphorically. He’s an advocate for longer and more meaningful hugs and connective energy that brings acceptance, healing and peace. He’s a joy to explore and teach his pioneering discoveries in his new book, Hug Therapy. Dr. Stone, how are you?

I am awesome. It is such a pleasure to be here. You are such the space of a hug and I love your show.

I’m glad to finally have you. It took a lot to get you here because of my mishigas. For those of you who don’t know what mishigas is, it’s craziness. Let’s talk about hugging.

Hugs are often taken for granted. It’s like we’re rushing out the door and it’s the same thing as saying, “Love you,” to our family. It’s about slowing down, being connected and being present for that hug. This is all existential. It’s about being present. Some of the meditation or mindfulness podcasts that you’ve done, this all loops in nicely with that.

I have a problem being present, so this is good for me. I’m going to take notice of what you’re saying. I can’t wait for your book.

You can order it on Amazon. One thing that I encourage people to do is to have longer hugs. You and Jim, for example. I’m a big fan of Jim. What happens is after twenty seconds, which sounds like a long time, oxytocin is released. That’s why I advocate for a 21-second hug. Once oxytocin is released, it’s good for your stress response, immune system, blood pressure and sleep pattern. There are all these benefits that we have access to for free with people around us as long as people want to have a longer hug. Of course, this needs to be a consensual thing.

I always talk about oxytocin being the cuddle hormone.

Strangers who like each other and want to have a longer hug and feel that energy can have a hug. My book was initially going to be called Hugging Strangers. I believe that we’re all profoundly connected, so there are no strangers. It needs to be a consensual hug, I don’t randomly