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Back to School

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Don’t cry, Jen. You knew this was coming. So stop it. Just get ahold of your damn self girl and face it. Jennifer, you have TWO teenagers starting high school and there is not a fucking thing you can do about it! Right? I. Must. Deal. Even though all I want to do is to stop time and go back to …

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Words You’ll Wish You Never Heard

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I thought I had a pretty good vocabulary. Then I got divorced and started online dating… I went on online dating sites and quickly realized I was going to have to learn a whole new online dating vocabulary! All these crazy-ass words, but why? Well, it seems as we continue to fail and fuck up with dating and relationships we need …

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Dating Mistakes Men Make

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Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them. Men. But we can train them! (I kid…kinda.) Seriously, don’t you think we can just give them a little help so they don’t lose a great girl, offend an amazing woman…or turn-off a kick-ass catch? The answer is YES! (After all, that is my job, y’all.) And why you ask am I the …

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Connect More

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I am supposed to connect. Oh, like with you. Ya know, make a connection. Once or twice a week. Let me explain because even I’m confused by my thoughts. I am going to be writing more often here on The Truth Hurvitz! Isn’t that just so exciting? (That’s rhetorical.) I guess it is for those of you who miss my …

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A child is born. He is the most beautiful thing. A child dies. He is the kindest of hearts. A new life comes into the world and only days later, one leaves it. This was our weekend: me and my boys. As we drove to the beach Sebastian, my nephew was being born into our family and this world. All …

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Jennifer Hurvitz: Branded

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I was born Jennifer Erika Hurvitz. Then it was Baby Hurvitz. I even answered to Jenny at times. Or Shag, Hurv, Hurvy…or Hurvitz. Then one day after a few vows, a couple of ring exchanges and a whole lotta hoopla…I became Jennifer Erika Weintraub. Yup, I decided to give up my maiden name and pick up the hubby’s. So, it …