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Why Don’t They Like Me?

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Kids love me. All kids. There is not a kid in the world that doesn’t. Look, do you know a kid? Put them in front of me and see if they love me. (No. Forget it. I already can tell you…they DO.)  All children think I’m the most amazing human being ever known to man. Except for my boyfriend’s kids. …

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Scared Shitless

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So, I have this tumor. (How’s that for an opening line to a blog post?) I have a tumor. Wow. Well, you know me! I’ve never been one for beating around the bush or sugar-coating stuff… I’m more of a “hold the bullshit” type of gal. (Wink, wink.) “It is not a tumor!” She says in her best Arnold Schwarzenegger …

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Happy Birthday To Me?

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So, last weekend I turned forty-six. Forty-fucking-six years old. (At forty-six I’m surprised I can even remember my age.) Honestly, last year after I turned forty-five everything went to shit. My eyes went blind, my bladder started leaking when I laughed, and my skin dried up like the Sahara Desert. For real! I couldn’t find a cream thick enough to …

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Millennials, You Suck at Divorce.

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Millennials You Suck!   (I think I’m about to lose my job. Those damn Millennials!) They’ve finally started doing something right! Yes, you heard me. I just got done reading an article that my Dad sent me from Bloomberg. Because of you pesky Millennials, the divorce rate is dropping! I can’t even believe it after all the annoying shit you do …