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Doing Relationships Right

I believe that

Divorce doesn't have to be a disaster

If you put your bruised ego aside and make the conscious decision to be amicable... and DO IT RIGHT. Just like a happy marriage takes work, so does a happy divorce. And there are moments where you are to hurt, angry, and sometimes too depressed to believe that you’ll ever get your groove back.

That's where I come in.

Jennifer Hurvitz Dating Coach | Best Selling Author | Podcast Host

As a Dating Coach and Relationship Expert, I help men and women navigate those muddy relationship waters and find love again after a divorce. I will help you heal from your past while creating a positive environment and a clear future picture. Trust me, I’ve been there and lived through it…it takes work but being “Happy Divorce” is possible. 

We will work on putting your kids first while leaving your egos at the door, formulating a concrete co-parenting plan and a workable, cohesive parenting schedule, so the entire “un-family” unit is happy. Remember, during a marriage, your children must come second to your spouse, so your relationship can flourish, but during a divorce—it’s putting those kids FIRST that’s most important.

I was quoted as an expert

in my field at co-parenting by

Let me be your

Thinking Partner

 After we get you into that positive and healthy “headspace,” I’ll assist in getting you ready to date again! Online dating is a different ball game than before you were married, so let’s create the perfect online dating profile by working as a team to meet your specific criteria. Starting with a list of what I like to call “non-negotiables.” This is my favorite part! 

Private coaching is customized to fit your needs.

Whether you’re contemplating a divorce, going through the process,

or already signed the papers…I’ve got you covered! 


Are you ready to leave your divorce's sadness, uncertainty, and anger behind and create a whole new life filled with hope and forgiveness? Do you wish to find inner peace and stop feeling so resentful towards your ex for things that are in the past? Are you ready to move forward with an open mind and heart? How about getting excited to return to dating and create new, lasting memories? 

If the answer is yes then

Let Me Be Your Cheerleader!

An unbiased opinion when you need one.

Remember, I survived this and SO CAN YOU.

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