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Are you dating again in your 50's?

Well, I feel you!
The struggle
IS real!

Doing Midlife


You Can Have Success at

Dating During Midlife!

I've created Doing Midlife Right, an online dating mini-course for people like us.

People who may struggle and lack confidence in returning to the dating world after a long-term relationship, marriage, or losing a partner. In one simple video, I'll teach you everything you need to understand about ONLINE DATING: the good, the not-so-good, and the WTF is that? I will make dating manageable, painless, and uncomplicated.  

Trust me. I've got you! I've lived it, so I get it; dating during MIDLIFE

can be a smashing success! 


  • You lack confidence & SELF-esteem.

  • Feel out of practice when it comes to meeting people.

  • No clue how to use dating apps. 

  • Detached from the dating scene.

  • Terrified to get back out there after your divorce.

  • Emotionally exhausted.

  • Baggage, Baggage, and MORE BAGGAGE-yours and theirs.

  • It's become more challenging to compromise.

  • YOU have less patience.

  • You feel vulnerable and find it more challenging to trust others.

  • Technology is freaking you out.

  • The sexual climate isn't the same.

  • Your body isn't the same.

  • You are constantly comparing your experience to others.

  • Having difficulty blocking out "the noise."

  • The dating pool is smaller.

  • You are settling because you don't want to be alone.

How many boxes did you check?

It's ok! I've got you...and please, try not to be intimidated by dating disaster stories; every tale of a romantic tragedy a girlfriend may tell you, I can match it with a story of romantic success. Sure, things have changed (a lot), along with the way you groom your lady bits, but YOU will find love again! Pinky-swear. Dating older men is now "in," and they're actually super-sexy (sans the stray nose hairs), and your more mature bod is alluring, too! Own your shit and be confident; nothing and I mean nothing, is hotter than loving the skin you are in--

even if it's a Tad Martin wrinklier than it used to be. Teehee!

Click here to take your next steps.
(Less than a pair of shoes-invest in YOU!)

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