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About having Jennifer at your next event!


Jennifer is a 

Charismatic Storyteller

As a former Emcee and DJ for significant corporate events, Mitzvahs, and private parties, Jennifer knows how to own a room and engage any crowd. She’s got exactly what it takes to create the perfect mix of excitement and vibrancy that draws her audience in and keeps their attention. Jennifer adds the ideal humor to inspire and entertain any group lucky enough to be listening. 

Her Message Is Important & 

Relevant For Men & Women

Topics like The Great Love Debate: Why Can't I Find a Quality Date, The REAL Secret to a Successful Relationship, or Help! I'm Going to Die Alone; get people talking, and they’ll leave with something to ponder.

“Yes, that’s me,” or “She’s saying exactly what I’m thinking!”

Jennifer is taking the words right out of people’s mouths;

brave, uncensored, and unapologetic.

Perfect for large mixed groups or smaller, more intimate female or male-only events.

Jennifer will create a program that works for your specific needs.

The Charlotte Today Show

Watch Jennifer as an Expert LIVE on ...

Jennifer On


Modern Life: Voices 

Watch this clip from Voices by #FidelityModernLIfe; Jennifer Hurvitz, relationship coach, author, and host of the podcast "Doing Relationships Right," shares her ideas about restarting life--and love--after divorce. Get more Modern Life and subscribe to the newsletter:


Fidelity's Modern Life presents Voices, a weekly video series sharing authentic perspectives and experiences from industry professionals. 

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