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About having Jennifer as an EXPERT at your next event!


Jennifer is a 

Charismatic Storyteller

Looking to add a unique touch of entertainment to your event?

Look no further than Jennifer! She's made quite the career out of captivating audiences at corporate events, Mitzvahs, and private parties. Invite her to speak on topics like interpersonal relationships, Moving Through Midlife with Moxy, or How to Do Divorce Right, and she'll infuse your event with her unique blend of humor, excitement, and vibrancy. With Jennifer as your speaker, your guests are sure to be inspired and engaged. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your event unforgettable!

Her Message Is Important & 

Relevant For Men & Women

Jennifer's events cover topics like The Great Love Debate, The REAL Secret to a Successful Relationship, and Help! I'm Going to Die Alone! can spark meaningful conversations and leave attendees with plenty to think about. Her honest and fearless speaking style often resonates with listeners, who may find themselves nodding along and thinking, "That's exactly how I feel!"

Jennifer's reputation for cutting through the BS and telling it like it is has made her a sought-after speaker and authority on relationships.

Jennifer will tailor a program to meet your needs for large mixed groups or smaller, more intimate events.

The Charlotte Today Show

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