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5 Facts About Dating You Might Not Like But NEED To Hear.

Sorry, not sorry, my friends.

  1. If you have to convince someone to want you, they do not want you. Fuck 'em and move on. Don't waste your time and energy on a person that isn't willing to give you theirs. Remember effort = interest.

  2. You have ZERO control over whether or not your partner cheats. Zero. Nothing you can do will stop them. Not chains, locking them in the house, nor loving them more. So stop being jealous, controlling, and possessive. If they cheat, they DO NOT RESPECT YOU OR THE RELATIONSHIP.

  3. If they are offensive or condescending early on in the relationship, that shit won't change. If they can't even hide that type of behavior in the first month-- it's who they are, and it's a substantial RED FLAG.

  4. Some people are just in it for sex. And look, that is okay! As long as they are open and honest from the beginning, being in a completely sexual relationship is ideally their prerogative. #sexpositive

  5. Dating sucks until you find a person you like and want to spend time with.

The End. ;)


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