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Five Tough Facts About Love 💗 (hold the bullshit!)

  1. End of the Road. All relationships will end at some point- no matter what. Whether it's a breakup, a divorce, or because of death, it will happen. Sad, but true. Enjoy love while you have it. Stop taking it (and the person you love) for granted.

  2. I Will Survive. No breakup will EVER kill you- now, it might hurt like hell and feel like you're dying a slow, excruciating death, but it will not take your life. No one has ever been known to die from a "broken heart."

  3. Thank You, Next. You cannot make someone love you, and you shouldn't want to either.

  4. Want You To Want Me. People make time for those they love; they show up for those they care about; you will know if you are the priority in someone's life. If not- move on. Life is too fucking short to waste time or energy on someone who doesn't choose you first.

  5. Love Is A Battlefield. Fighting, yelling, and name-calling are not how you show love. The silent treatment and stonewalling, either. Just because they say, "I love you" after a fight doesn't mean they love you. Truthfully, They probably don't.


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