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Have You Tried THESE New Dating Apps, Yet?

  1. COFFEE MEETS BAGEL. Awww, how cute is this? Coffee and a bagel? Why not lox or schmear? Yeesh! I totally dig this one because you can meet and make deeper connections (so they say). The goal of this dating app is not only to help peeps connect but to create more meaningful relationships in safe environments. How? Ummm, I'm not really sure. Maybe you should call my friend the Donut? lol.

  2. HER. This site makes my heart happy! Equality on dating apps is always a good thing; no, it's a GREAT thing. HER is geared towards LGBTQ, womxn, and queer people. It's all about finding your person, your community, and that truly authentic emotional connection. Love, love...LOVE this app!

  3. BLINDLEE. Think, Love is Blind. You know, the TV Show on Netflix? Yasss! Well, if you like that, then this is the app for you! Blindlee's goal is to match two complete strangers who meet specific "criteria" on a 3-minute "blurred" video call. EEEEkkk!! Sounds pretty nuts IMHO!

  4. THE MEETERY. Less chatting, more meeting. This is the dating app for people who (to put it simply) HATE dating apps. I love simple, and I LOVE their tagline. Set up meets and leave the chatting to the other apps. Shhh, it's nice to meet ya.

  5. GOAT. Michael Jordan? Michael Phelps? Michael J. Fox? Ok, I'm clearly showing my age here! GOAT stands for the "Greatest Of All Time" but don't get your panties in a bunch! At GOATdate users start off at the "graze" phase and work their way up from em, & they can match. Yay or nnnnnaaaayyyy? ;)

  6. FILTER OFF. I love it! Get to know the PERSON, not the profile. It's about dang time! This is the world's first video dating app! It's focused on authentic connections not on swiping and buzzing. No more Catfishing- with Filter Off Video Dating it's virtually impossible! Oh, and it's FREE. Annnndd I know the guy who created it. Listen to our conversation on Doing Relationships Right Podcast!

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