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#12 – How to Have a Better Relationship with MONEY with Busniess & Mindset Coach, Jackie U

As you know we talk about ALL types of relationships on DRR so why not the one we have with money?

In fact, it’s probably one of the most important of all!

So, ask yourself, how is your relationship with MONEY?

Are you able to ask for what you’re worth? Do you know how to budget and spend appropriately? Even share what you do with confidence when asked? All of this comes down to SELF worth and self-love.

Today’s guest, Jackie Ulmer, is one of the leaders in her field and “Helps people make money without annoying their friends”. She is a business sales and mindset coach, helping Solopreneurs build their business action plan including messaging, marketing, and mindset, so they know what to do, where to do it, how to do it, and most important – who to do it too, each day in their business. She’s sold products and programs in over 40 countries using her proven Social Selling Strategies.

Jacke helped me so much during this episode so grab a pen and get ready to take some notes!

HIGHLIGHTS on today’s episode:

  1. What are your “limiting beliefs” surrounding money?

  2. How does “Imposter Syndrome” impact your personal growth?

  3. When is the right time to stop “investing in yourself”?

  4. When people pay money to invest in YOU- it’s time to show UP

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Social media: @jackieulmer

YouTube: Jackie L Ulmer

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[6:36] Changing your mindset of money and being intentional with what we say about money to our children

[11:09] Your limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome

[14:26] When to stop investing in yourself?

[16:05] What are you worth and how does being a “woman” play a role in this?

[17:33] Check out this great parenting tool: Soberlink (

[18:36] People are paying for your expertise, knowledge, and wisdom

[20:10] When you pay someone or if someone invests in you, you SHOW up

[21:48] On married couples sharing financial accounts

[24:37] Every engaged couple should read these books

[27:24] “Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy choices”

[29:29] On online shopping (who isn’t addicted to it anyway?)

[30:20] Final nugget of wisdom

[34:32] Where to find Jackie and learn more about what she does?

Check out this episode!

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