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#17 – JUST JEN: My OPINION on Blending Families

Now, just like snowflakes, every divorce is different. The same can be said for families! Every family is unique and so is each situation when it comes to BLENDING THEM! Sometimes it works as smoothly as the Brady Bunch and other times- it’s a fucking disaster, but what’s most important is that you know the FACTS and do what works for YOUR individual situation.

Highlights of this episode:

  1. the pros and cons of blending after divorce

  2. the tips and the facts of blending

  3. And Do Blending Right! (See how I did that?)

  4. Why I chose not to blend my family

  5. Other options besides blending

  6. Stats on Blending Families

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Show notes:

[1:33] Why we don’t have a blended family

[5:45] It can work, but not for everyone

[6:21] How Jim and I are handling our kids, separately

[8:24] Think about the kids, they’ve been through a lot

[9:30] Facts about blended families

[11:33] Tips for being in a SUCCESSFUL blended family

[14:35] Don’t forget that there are options

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Check out this episode!

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