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#8 – Exposing The Myths of Prenups with Lauren Hunt

I am so excited about this episode!

Get out a pen and paper (or your iPad!) you’re going to want to take notes on this conversation, trust me!

Do you think PRENUPS are only for the rich and famous?

Does the phrase, “Honey, I need you to sign a Prenup,” leave a horrid taste in your mouth and instantly make you angry?

Well…then this is such an important conversation! We are going to SQUASH the negativity associated with prenuptial agreements with my guest, Lauren Hunt.

Lauren is an Attorney / Mediator in New York. She believes that divorce is an opportunity to create the life you and your kids were meant to live. She works with her clients to ensure that their voices are heard, their values understood, and their goals are achieved. As a child of divorce herself, Lauren understands the short and long-term impacts that family changes have on the parents and the children. In her downtime, she can be found exploring a new hiking trail with her husband and son, cooking up big Sunday breakfasts, and dancing to “Baby Shark” for the millionth time with her son – Jack.

Lauren feels that prenups are POSITIVE and that they get a really bad rap for being “divorce planning” in the making…but in reality, they are helping to plan for your marriage. Listen to Doing Relationships Right and hear why every new, married couple should have a prenup!


  1. Why are prenups usually used?

  2. Lauren “debunks” some of the myths

  3. 3 main reasons why Prenups are POSITIVE

  4. What is a “Sunset Clause”

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[1:55] All about Lauren Hunt and how she became a divorce attorney

[6:20] 3 important things that Lauren wants to point out when it comes to prenups

[9:09] Plan and negotiate a prenup when you’re happy

[13:00] The benefits of a prenup

[15:13] Check out this great parenting tool: Soberlink (

[17:57] Sunset clause

[19:13] On trust funds

[22:51] Draft and sign your prenup DAYS before your actual marriage

[23:37] Not being able to get divorced because of a prenup?

[27:31] Things that you can include in a prenup

[28:41] What to check before getting a prenup attorney

Check out this episode!

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