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Crafting Good Relationships Through Selfcare with Rachel Walt the Founder of CRAFTINGOOD

There is NOTHING more important than raising kind, empathetic, and compassionate humans and bringing them into the world. Nothing. That’s why I am thrilled to have Rachel Walt, founder and creator of Craftingood on the show today…the company that helps YOU raise compassionate kids in your own way.

Rachel is the essence of positivity, creativity & authenticity. She is a wife, mom of 3 young kids & the founder of Craftingood. She has a background in holistic health coaching, community organizing, and Speech-Language Pathology. She reads, collects experiences, and ripples kindness. If you need her, you can find her watering her dead tomato plants, dancing in her living room on Friday nights, or posted up at the Indian buffet.

Currently, She’s on a mission to empower families and guilty, sacrificial moms like herself, to use creativity and self-compassion as their most powerful tool for raising kind kids, having fun, and changing the world!

Highlights of today’s Episode:

  1. POC author is chosen for each of her “boxes”

  2. Importance of teaching about racial inequality at home

  3. Rachel’s new Digital Course

  4. Thoughtful products available for families Kindness, equity, and creativity

  5. Supporting Racial Awareness with Craftingood

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