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How the “Perfect Picture” can Help Boost Self Confidence with Brand Photographer Laura T

Do you have a brand or image you’re trying to create?

Maybe you’re looking for tips on how to take great pics for your Online Dating Profile?

Well, you’re in luck!

Today’s guest on Doing Relationships Right is none other than MY personal brand photographer, Laura Tompkins the owner of Laurel Belle Photography here in Charlotte! If you have seen my Insta feed or website…then you have seen her work!

Laura is a branding, headshot + content curation, photographer. That means she helps brands (or influencers) create cohesive, beautiful imagery for their websites, blogs, social media accounts + promotional materials. She also helps to create stunning, easy-to-use websites full of call-to-actions + alt-text so you can worry more about the other parts of your business.

Laura’s award-winning photography specializes in fun, laughter-infused, confidence-boosting portrait experience sessions for women and girls…I love her, and if you live in the Charlotte area-you are in luck! If not, reach out to Laura on her website for help with your website design or ask about her travel fees.

And if you book with Laura to build your new website use the CODE RELATIONSHIPS for 10% off your package. Thank you, Laura!

Highlights of this episode:

  1. How Brand Imagery can enhance self-image

  2. How to take the “perfect” selfie for your Dating Profile

  3. Tips and Tricks on preparing for a photoshoot

  4. What are the best pics to use on your Dating Profile?

  5. Laura can also help build your Brand Website

Where to find Laura:



Join the Facebook Group and leave a question for a future episode:

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Get a copy of Jen’s book, “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: A Divorce Coach’s Guide to Staying Married” here.

[2:33] Who is Laura, her life experiences and career journey

[7:47] On building websites

[11:25] Getting good pictures is addicting

[12:31] Tips on getting great selfies

[14:18] Check out this great parenting tool: Soberlink (

[15:21] When is using filters on your photos too much?

[18:09] Selfies vs. professional photos

[20:06] 10% discount off your website build, just use the code “relationships“

[21:15] Speed round

[23:08] A piece of advice about photos and branding

[27:44] Outro

Check out this episode!

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