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Hurvitz’s Marriage Hacks

DDR Hurvitz | Marriage Hacks

One of the responsibilities of being a parent is putting your kids first. However, that is not the case for host, Jennifer Hurvitz. Contrary to popular belief, Jennifer believes that putting your kids second is very important and one of the secrets to a successful relationship. Giving her marriage hacks, she talks about the importance of prioritizing intentional one-on-one time with your partner and why this is beneficial not only to your married life but also to your children. Uncover the truth of this hack and learn why it’s not enough to only spend time with your partner once the kids are in bed.

Listen to the podcast here:

Hurvitz’s Marriage Hacks

I’m excited because I’m doing a solo episode. I’m going to be doing a couple of solo episodes because my kids are coming home. They’re going to be with me before school starts. Jonah has been in Alaska and Zach has been at camp. I want to mush them up and spend some good quality time with them. I’m going to do a couple of back-to-back solo episodes so that I can spend some good, yummy time with my boys. I’ve got some good stuff I’d like to share and some good topics. Hopefully, you enjoy and I love some feedback in you. Let me know what you think.

I have some good guests coming up and to look forward to. I’m not going to tell you. They’re going to be a surprise, but there is some good stuff coming on. I hope everyone will enjoy this and I’m excited. Let me do some business first. First of all, I want to say thank you to everybody who is walking around wearing my Peace, Love and Truth merch. Whether it’s a tank top, a hat or a t-shirt, you rock. Thanks for posting all over social media. Thanks for doing your thing and supporting me and also giving back to the Charlotte community and The Isabella Santos Foundation. The 10% goes to that awesome foundation to help cure pediatric cancers. It’s cool and that’s awesome that you guys are helping out and giving back. It’s cool to see all my Hurvitz merch all over social media. Every time you guys post, put your pictures up and #PeaceLoveTtuth everywhere, it’s cool and I love it. It’s all over Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Thank you for that. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that and all of your support.

Second, thank you for everybody who came to Temple Israel over in Detroit, Michigan, who came out to my big Secret of A Successful Relationship speech or talk. What do I call it? I guess it’s Jennifer Hurvitz Live and Uncensored. It’s what I’m calling it now as I go on my tour. We’ll be all over the United States. If you want me to come to your hometown, give me a ring and give my publisher at Warren Publishing a shout out or just call me directly. You can find me all over Facebook and I have a website, You can contact me and I’ll give you all the details and stuff on where you can find me and how I can come to you. I fly all over the country. I show up, I do my thing and it’s fun. I have a big interactive show and I have a little piece of it up on Facebook and LinkedIn if you want to check it out.

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If you want me to come to your town, I’m excited and I would love to do that. I also do book clubs and girls’ nights. I can make a party for you. However you want to do it, we can make it. Thanks to Detroit, Michigan for coming out and having me. Also, I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I won’t say, “Go Blue,” because I went to Michigan State, but for my girls, “Go Blue.” That’s for you. I had a nice group of about twenty girls over in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My girlfriend hosted me there. That was a fun night and more intimate. That was awesome. I loved it. I’ll be in Arizona. I’m going to be hopping on over to Baltimore and all this fun stuff. If you want me, I’m yours. I’m excited about that.