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013 Sexy is Not Slutty (with Brooke Christian!)

Today, Jennifer is talking to Brooke Christian. Her goal is to make sex something you WANT (not something that you have to do).  It’s about being his girlfriend again. About being irresistible. About starting to get confident by unlocking your sexiest self.

We’re covering:

  1. How moms can balance being in the office, the playground, AND the bedroom

  2. Why boudoir shoots can be one of the best things you do after having kids

  3. Being vulnerable is one of the best things we can do for our relationships (and each other)

  4. Getting emotionally vulnerable with your partner (and breaking out the lingerie)

  5. The sexiest woman in the room is the one with the most confidence

  6. If you’re not having an orgasm, sex is not worth it

  7. Embracing sex toys…and getting him on board

Key Takeaways:

“There is a mean old bitch that lives in our heads and I hate her so much. She screws us up. He thinks you’re gorgeous and we’re the ones who talk about our back fat. He doesn’t care!”

“The biggest aphrodisiac is anticipation.”

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