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#13 – Finding The Real You and Living Your Most Authentic Life with Leisse Wilcox

Leisse Wilcox is “not just another fucking coach” as she puts it quite frankly on her website…

She helps high-achieving and purpose-driven women figure out their shit and move forward- unapologetically. You know how much LOVE that!

This conversation is one of my most honest and raw to date; I tried to keep it together, but when Leisse starts working her magic it’s tough! Trust me, it’s not always easy to have these emotional discussions…but they make the BEST episodes! I cried. Leisse, made me cry!

Leisse Wilcox is a Conscious Relationship Success Coach with expertise in finding truth and beauty in the relationships we have with ourselves and others. As a Master Success Coach and bestselling author changing the global conversation on emotional health and self-love, she has been interviewed in media including CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, CTV, Elephant Journal, the Toronto Star, and Thrive Global.

A passionate (and TEDx) speaker, dynamic thought leader, author, NLP practitioner, top podcast host, cancer survivor, solo parent of three, and taco enthusiast, she knows intimately that every relationship we have – in business, life, and love – is built on the foundation of the relationship we have with ourselves.

Highlights on today’s show:

  1. What makes Leisse so amazing?

  2. Talk about Leisse’s book

  3. Talk about how childhood impacts our daily lives

  4. Masculine and feminine energy

  5. Check out Leisse’s brand new website!

Where to find Liesse Wilcox:


How To Be A Human: the Podcast With Leisse Wilco‪x‬”



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[1:15] Who is Leisse, and how she got started with writing?

[7:24] You are never broken — we are healing

[18:05] Check out this great parenting tool: Soberlink (

[19:10] Fawn response to fear

[25:50] Cumulative wounding that we remember

[27:47] The masculine and feminine energy

[32:02] Having a tough time during the pandemic

Check out this episode!

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