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“A Becoming Divorce” How Does it Differ from the Traditional Approach to Divorce? with C

Claire is a versatile attorney who provides her clients a wide range of options for resolving their disputes. She is an experienced litigator who can be fierce in the courtroom, but she is also a trained collaborative lawyer and family law mediator who can devise creative solutions and amicably settle even the toughest of cases. No two divorces are the same, and Claire possesses the skills necessary to provide the right solution for each unique situation.

Not only does Claire assist her clients in dissolving their marriages, but she also encourages them to be future focused. She believes divorce offers clients a unique opportunity to build a positive future for themselves, complete with financial and emotional security. To this end, she provides her clients with the tools necessary to help them construct a solid foundation on which to navigate their new lives. For Claire’s clients, divorce can be a spring board to reinventing themselves. Claire’s passion for helping others extends beyond her legal practice. She is a dedicated philanthropist and is actively involved in several non-profit organizations throughout the Charlotte community.

Today we’re chatting about: 

  1. How Claire got into her specific path for divorces.

  2. What a Becoming Divorce is.

  3. How complicated it is to have a divorce, and move forward.

Connect with Claire: 

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