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Being Financially Ready for Divorce

DDR Financially | Financially Ready For Divorce

Divorce does not only call for mental and emotional preparedness. It also asks us to be financially prepared as well. Divorce specialist and analyst, Christina Lynn, is back in this episode to shed some light on getting your finances ready for divorce. She shares her personal experience that led her to become a personal finance expert specializing in divorce financial planning. With her background and expertise, Christina talks about creating a game plan during this awkward period in between announcing separation and finalizing your divorce. Don’t miss out on Christina’s ultimate weapon to financial freedom that will have you lead an independent and prosperous new life.

Listen to the podcast here:

Being Financially Ready For Divorce With Christina Lynn

Every single Tuesday I have the best guests and I bring you guys awesome people. Every single week it gets better and better. In this episode, I am bringing someone back. Rarely do I bring people back but when I have someone fabulous on the show. I reached back into my back episodes and I pulled back the best people I have. I have found Christina Lynn and I loved her once, twice and forever. I’m bringing her back and she’s here. If you ever read Christina Lynn with me before, I love her. I have referred her to many of my clients. Christina Lynn is back and she’s amazing.

She’s a divorce specialist, analyst, and certified financial planner who decided to specialize in divorce financial planning because of her own personal experiences while she was unraveling her complex divorce. She was oblivious to her own family finances and decided she didn’t know where to turn for help. In her own journey, it led her down the path to becoming a personal finance expert. She’s a certified financial planner, certified estate planner, and a certified divorce financial analyst. A doctoral student at Kansas State University in personal financial planning. Her mission is to empower women in their personal finances and goal-based financial planning. Christina, come on out. I love having you.

Your show is great.

Thanks for being here.

I’m excited to talk about money and being financially prepared for divorce.

Let’s do it. So many women and men are ready to get divorced, but they’re not financially ready for divorce.

There’s so much emotion to process that, usually the finances are on the back burner. You know that it’s going to be a huge shift, but you can only prepare for one thing at a time. Finances usually come as an afterthought.

I was not financially ready. I thought, “I’m okay and I’ve got this.” I was not. I was so blindsided by many things. You start. This is so important for my audience to read.

It is a big deal because this is going to be the five biggest financial shifts of your life. Especially during the divorce process, itself. It’s an awkward stage because your f