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Breathwork And How It Can Give You Emotional Mastery With Lauren Chelec Cafritz

DDR Emotional | Mastering Breathwork

Who would have thought that the simple mastery of breathing can result in physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual well-being? In this episode, Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS)™ Jennifer Hurvitz chats with Lauren Chelec Cafritz, Integrative Breathwork and Transformational Breath Specialist, and Founder of Experience Breath. Lauren shares how breathwork goes a long way in helping people achieve optimal health, mental clarity, renewed energy, spiritual connection, and joy. She talks about her experience and expertise that allow her to lead classes and workshops in various public and private niches. She shares all of this and more in her book, Breath Love.

Listen to the podcast here:

Breathwork And How It Can Give You Emotional Mastery With Lauren Chelec Cafritz

Lauren Chelec Cafritz, I am happy to have her because I got to breathe. I’m calm and I’m ready to go. Lauren is an internationally-known breathwork teacher. If you don’t know what breathwork is, you’re about to learn. She has a new book out called Breath Love, and I’m excited to bring her on. She is the Founder of Experience Breath. She brings guidance, compassion and joy to her clients in both individual and group breathwork sessions as they explore and deepen their breath and improve their health and well-being. She is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health, mental clarity and joy using the power of breath.

Lauren brings a wealth of experience to her breathwork practice. She is trained and certified in integrative breathwork and transformational breath. She has studied many other breathing modalities. Lauren’s journey into breathwork began after her son was born and she was unable to move her neck. Through working with a breathwork teacher, she was able to release the tension and pain with specific breathing patterns. She also felt a renewed sense of energy and spiritual connection. She works to share that rejuvenation joy with others. Welcome, Lauren. How are you?

I’m excited to be on with you. Thank you so much.

I’m glad to have you. The first time I heard about breathwork, I was sitting in my office when my editor said to me, “We are talking about breathwork because we have this fabulous new book that’s coming out that we’re working with this fabulous author, it’s called Breath Love.” I said, “What is breathwork?” She’s like, “Let’s figure it out.” Lauren, share with my followers what breathwork is.

If you want a dry definition, breathwork uses various breathing techniques individually and in groups to bring about physical, emotional and cognitive and spiritual well-being. Breathwork uses conscious connective breathing to help release trauma, clear emotional blockages and heal the body. That is the dryish definition, but to me, your breath is powerful and many people are shocked once they start doing this, how much they use it all day long.

I had no idea. I still am excited to hear all this because I feel like I’m never breathing, I hold my breath so often. How is it different from yoga? What is the major difference?

The fun part is I started many years ago doing yoga. I use yoga and breathwork every single day to keep me aligned, grounded and flowing. That’s my secret sauce, tho