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Calmer Moms- Calmer Kids! Ways to Destress During the Pandemic with Podcast Host and Meditation Coac

Josephine Atluri’s overarching passion is to help others overcome adversity and find joy via her meditation classes, infertility workshops, and her podcast, Responding to Life: Living Reflectively Through a Journey of Health, Fertility and Parenthood.

As a meditation teacher, she guides people towards a calmer existence despite the chaos that may surround them. Her group and individual meditation sessions teach simple and practical coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety and loss to help improve the balance of mind, body and spirit for those with health and fertility struggles and other life challenges. She have taught all around Los Angeles at Unplug Meditation, Equinox, Cedars Sinai, City National Bank, Hey Mama and with numerous other clients. She regularly contributes content for Motherly, Red Tricycle, The IVF Warrior, and The Fertility Circle.

Today we’re chatting about: 

  1. How to meditate.

  2. When the best time to meditate is.

  3. Meditation during a pandemic.

  4. Meditation for your kids overall calm.

Connect with Josephine: 

  1. Website:

  2. Email:



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