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Hurvitz's Hottest Dating Hacks

  1. If you like the person sitting across the table...TELL them for fucksake!

  2. Don't confuse LUST with LOVE when you first start dating, everything is LUST at the beginning. If you "catch feelings" they are mixed with "honeymoon hormones". #rosecoloredglasses #threemonthrule #doingdatingright

  3. You don't have to share every part of your new relationship with the world, it's perfectly fine to keep your hottie all to yourself.

  4. It's ok to be upfront and honest about what you're looking for in a relationship. Sharing is caring, y'all! You are not "needy" nor are you "crazy" are simply putting your needs out into the world (and telling your date what you want). Not a thing wrong with that!

  5. Treat each new date like a "meet" and lower your expectations. Keep the dates short; meet for coffee or ice cream. Show up in a casual outfit and take some of the pressure off. DATING SHOULD BE FUN!

  6. Please, for the love of NOT get back together with an EX! You didn't even like them the first time around. Put the past behind you and move forward. Hakuna Mattah!

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