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It’s Okay to be Alone

You swiped right.

You buzzed your butt off.

You matched with the best of them.

And sure, you had some great dates, met a  few nice guys. You even had a couple four-month stints. But you’ve also had a bunch of the worst dates known to all mankind.

You know what I’m talking about. There was the guy who licked your face and the one that threw up at the table. And then there was the one that gave you the check because he had, ”Googled your ex.” (What a fucker.)

And oddly enough, you’ve only been single for three whole years. All in a day’s work! Bravo, you’re a dating dynamo! Well, actually, you were married for ten, separated for one, and “legally” divorced for three…but who’s counting?

And now, somehow, you are single for the very first time in 15 years?

Holy Shit, single?

Yes, single, and fucking bitter as hell.

So, here’s a news flash for ya: no guy wants to date a BITCH that hates all men.

Want my advice? (It’s free so I think you should take it.) Time to shut shit down and be by yourself for a while. Yup. It’s okay to be alone. It’s okay to take a break from dating, and it is more than okay to own your shit and just say, “I need to STOP and breathe. I am getting too angry to start a healthy relationship.”

Men are attracted to positivity. Period. They love a woman who shows up happy and loving life. Not a crabby-bitch that is still pissed from her last Bumble blow-out. If you are taking your baggage from previous dates or relationships and carrying it into the new one, it is time to close up shop.

Single is not a bad thing, girls… It is okay to be alone.

Just take a break, sit your ass on the couch and learn to love yourself.

It’s okay to be alone. It actually brings out the feeling of longing. It allows you to feel loneliness, which lets you know you are human and want to be wanted. Do you get it? Let yourself feel again! Stop jumping from relationship to relationship searching for a “space filler.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with shutting down all your dating apps and taking a break.

Find your happy again. Rediscover your smile. Trust me it is there, somewhere buried under all that bullshit and negativity. You are t