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Just Jen: Dating Advice For Finding Love Over 40

If I told you Dating Over 40 is WAY better than dating back in your 20’s would you believe me?

It’s true! And on today’s episode of Doing Relationships Right, I’ll tell you why! And I’m sharing my tips on how to find love the second (or first) time around. It can happen- if you know the “right moves” to finding your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Highlights of today’s episode:

  1. Be patient

  2. Be positive

  3. Be ready to date

  4. Let go to the PAST

  5. Love yourself

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[3:13] Let go of the past; move forward

[4:25] Self – self – self

[5:42] Do NOT settle

[7:25] Try new things

[8:07] Meet other single people

[8:40] Stop putting too much pressure on yourself

[9:48] Be clear about what you want

[11:11] Be bold

[12:04] Feel young, be young!

Check out this episode!

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