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Just Jen: Happy New Year! Relationship Tips for 2021!

Happy New Year, everyone and welcome to the very first episode of Doing Relationships Right for 2021!

In today’s episode, I wanted to lay down what essentially this podcast will be about. My show’s title says it all but I also wanted to share the things that you should no longer be dealing with when you are dating (or trying to) after 40 years old. These are things that you shouldn’t be focusing on or putting any energy into anymore. We need to put our foot down in order to be in the right relationship. So I hope you enjoy today’s episode and see you on the next one.

Show notes: [0:00] Intro [1:47] Introducing myself to my new subscribers [2:34] Things that you no longer have to deal with at 40 (and above) [3:32] Don’t waste your time [4:18] What my next book is going to be all about [4:45] Enough with the rollercoasters [5:30] Nothing in common with the person [6:14] Check out this great parenting tool: Soberlink ( [7:38] Non-negotiables [9:07] People who don’t show up [9:42] Indecision is a decision and no time to play games [11:20] Get over the stigma of online dating [13:40] Divorce coach certification program [14:00] Outro

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