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Life Must Go On

I can’t breathe.

I can barely talk.

I can hardly swallow….

But life must go on.

Absolutely everything about being sick just sucks. When I was little, I used to “fake” sick so I could miss school or act sick so I could get out of certain things I didn’t want to do….like piano practice or lunch with my Grandma. But now, even when I am really sick I still have to do it all! So, faking it seems pretty stupid and gets you nowhere (including in the bedroom).

We still have to do every fucking thing.

Being sick doesn’t get me out of shit! I still have to be a mom, drive to baseball practice, and make dinner. And as for work? Yup, sick doesn’t stop my hustle. It may slow me down slightly but I’m still posting on Facebook, doing podcasts and writing blogs. Although, it does help that I have an assistant (shout out to Nicole!) to pick up the slack. But all-in-all, this sickness can’t and won’t keep me down.

But what if it did? Would the world actually function without me? (And no, I’m not saying I’m that fucking important.) I’m just saying, what if I really did take a day or a couple of days to just get better? To recharge and regain my strength. Would life just stop: my kids freeze in their prospective places….could you even imagine? Who would spread the cream cheese on the bagels or fold the laundry? I kid, kinda.

I swear to Goddess, the second I stop posting on Instagram I get texts from my girlfriends asking if I’m “okay”? Wondering where I am or if I am fighting with my boyfriend. Haha. Social Media has made it virtually impossible to vanish, to take a break from the everyday bullshit without freaking people out. Have I created this monster, or has Social Media done this to me?

That my friends, is the million-dollar question!

But I digress. I feel awful and my head is stuffed up. I feel like my brain might explode, the sneezing won’t stop. Ugh. But do I stop? No.

I keep writing and posting and answering my phone and returning emails and texting because I’ll feel bad if I don’t. People might get upset that I am not responding in time; I might let someone down.

But what about me? My well-being, my health?

Well, as moms we get 24 hours, right? It’s the 24 hour rule of sickness! (moms all know what I’m talking about and the men are shaking their heads.) Here’s the truth: Dads get as long as they want. But the moms better feel good in 24 hours, girls.

Dammit, I’m at almost 3 days! What is that in hours? I suck at math…

Well, time’s up! And my life must go on…wait, I think I hear a plea to microwave someone’s Hot Pocket. And yes, there is so much wrong with that sentence. 😉

Xo j

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