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My Birthday Gift to You

DDR Birthday | Birthday Gift

As many believe, everything happens for a reason. Even if that certain thing is in the form of something negative, it can still be considered as a birthday gift. Jennifer Hurvitz celebrates her birthday with everyone through this episode in a very special way. She talks about an important gathering called She Podcasts and encourages women all around the world to join. She gets down and personal on a challenging turn of events within her life and spreads the importance of self-awareness. Jennifer tackles the development, hardships, and support she has received and then emphasizes the significance of surrounding oneself with people that bring you joy.

Listen to the podcast here:

My Birthday Gift To You

October is my favorite month of the year because it’s my birthday and this is my birthday episode. I decided that I was going to do a birthday episode, a solo episode because this is my birthday present to you all. Every year on my birthday, I like to give presents to my kids and to my family because I feel that it’s not only my birthday. I feel that I should celebrate with everybody. I decided that I’m going to give a birthday present to everybody. To all my audience, happy birthday to you all. My birthday is on October 12th, which is Columbus Day.

I don’t know if it falls on the same day of the year, but Columbus Day is October 12th. Happy birthday to everybody. This is my gift to you and it’s a gift of awareness. Everyone should be aware of your body and take a deep look at yourselves. I’m going to share with you why it’s a little health awareness present for you. I’m going to give you a little secret that I’ve been carrying around. People who have read my blog that I posted already know about something that’s going on in my life. I’m going to share that with you and my readers.

I want to say thank you to a bunch of people. If anyone has been following this show, you probably know that I have a sponsor. I want to say thank you to Worthy, which is the most amazing sponsor ever. If you go to, you will know what it’s all about. Shout out to Worthy. Thank you for being a sponsor. I love you all. They have an amazing podcast and Jennifer Butler is the host. She’s amazing and she’s been on the show. You will hear all about her. Thank you, Worthy.Be smart. If your intuition is telling you something feels funky, it usually is. Click To Tweet

She Podcasts

Back to my birthday, which is so selfishly all about me. I’m going to share something with you, but first, another thing that’s exciting. I’m a little bit hyped up and excited because of the She Podcasts Live Event that I’ve been talking about ever since they asked me to be a speaker on a panel. I’m going to be in Atlanta, which is the coolest thing ever for the She Podcasts Live Event. It’s their first podcasting event that they’re doing. It’s an all-female podcasting event. They’re going to have between 600 to 1,000 women meeting up in Atlanta for a four-day extravaganza.

I cannot even wait. They’re going to have fairy hair. That sprinkly fairy hair that you put on your hair. I’m getting it for sure. That’s not the best thing about it. The best thing is, we’re going to all get together, women podcasters from all over the world and collab, talk and do amazing things. On my panel, we’ll talk about the good tips to take home with you. I’m going to be speaking about doing podcasting right and all that good stuff. I’m super excited to be there. I’m going to be surrounded by phenomenal women. Even if you don’t have a podcast and you’re thinking about starting a pod