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SOBERLINK: Empowering Those in the Fight Against Alcohol Addiction with Chris Beck

Chris Beck is the VP of Business Development for Soberlink Healthcare. Chris’ primary responsibilities include working with Family Law Judges, Attorneys, and Health Care Professionals across the country to educate them on Soberlink’s modern approach to alcohol monitoring for Child Custody Cases. He has lead over 25 1hr educational presentations and continues to find new opportunities to raise awareness around alcohol monitoring and child safety.

Today we’re chatting about: 

  1. What SOBERLINK is, and how it works.

  2. Why it’s so important to keep parents in children’s lives.

  3. The role of trust in the co-parenting process.

Connect with Chris: 

This season of Doing Divorce Right is sponsored by FAYR  ( and Soberlink (! Check out these great parenting tools!

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