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Stop Anxiety from Stopping YOU with Dr. Helen Odessky

Ready to Stop Panic or Social Anxiety from stopping you?

Do you have children that are struggling with Anxiety during this pandemic?

How about YOUR own feelings of anxiety?

I am so grateful to have Dr. Helen Odessky on Doing Relationships Right to talk about her new books, Stop Anxiety From Stopping YOU and Stop FEAR From Stopping YOU!

Helen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and practicing Chicago therapist, focusing on anxiety and panic treatment. She is trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Exposure Therapy, which means that she uses research-based methods and teaches helpful tools starting from the very first session. Dr. Odessky is passionate about helping her clients beat stress and anxiety; believes that having coping skills is not enough to treat anxiety. Her main goal is for her clients to gain tools to beat anxiety so that they can focus on living their lives!

For the past decade, she has had the privilege of helping numerous individuals break the cycle of panic and anxiety. She believes that everyone can benefit from reducing his or her stress level. You can learn to be less shy and more assertive. You can stop panic symptoms from becoming full-blown panic attacks and you can learn how to live with less worry!

Today’s episodes highlights:

  1. Stop Anxiety from stopping YOU

  2. Stop FEAR from stopping YOU

  3. Tips to help your teens with stress

  4. Tools for helping teens with anxiety

  5. Dr. Odessky discusses ways to “walk through anxiety”

  6. Is Anxiety Hereditary?

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