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The Five Signs Your Ex Will Come Back

DDR Signs | Ex Coming Back Signs

Everyone who’s been in a relationship surely has experienced either wanting to go back to an ex, or has an ex throwing out signs that they want to come back in your life. Knowing which signs to look out for will make sure you’re not caught off guard and are able to make rational decisions. Jennifer Hurvitz and her real-life partner, Jim Healey, talk about the five signs that will indicate an ex-lover wants to come back. Using their personal experiences with break ups and getting back together, the two of them carefully tackle some of the most heated topics in relationships from the point of view of both man and woman.

Listen to the podcast here:

The Five Signs Your Ex Will Come Back

I hope everyone’s doing well. I’ve got a great guest. In fact, he’s my favorite guest of all time because it’s my boyfriend, my man and my main squeeze. It’s Jim Healy. Jim, how are you?

I’m fine.

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Everyone knows about my book. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: A Divorce Coach’s Guide to Staying Married is available all the time. It’s been getting great reviews and I’m happy that you guys are loving it. Thank you for that. Jim, we are doing a topic which is strange to me. I don’t understand it. Maybe you can explain it to me because I’m having a hard time. I read an article and it was so weird to me because I don’t get it. It’s called The Five Signs that Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back. What does that mean?

That means you’re no longer dating that person and they might be pining to come back.

It’s your ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband and these are the five signs that they want to come back to you. If they want to come back to you, what if you don’t want them back?

Obviously, you don’t take them back but if you do want them back, how can you tell that they’re interested?

I’m going to let Jim Healy lead his conversation. I didn’t understand and we were talking about it. We were having a Facebook Live and people were into it and all over my Facebook page. We decided this was a good topic. Jim and I, we’ve been dating for a few years and we broke up once.

It was like Ross and Rachel from Friends. We took a break.

We were on a break.

Not really.

I felt like we were on a break, Jim. We both handled it a little bit differently, which is funny because The Five Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back is very telling.

How many breaks did we have, Jennifer? In your mind, how many breaks? I don’t think we’ve had that many breaks. You may think we’ve had more breaks.

We’ve had one big break.

We’ve had at least twelve dozen breaks.

No, but one big break because I clearly went back on Bumble during that one big break, which is number three.

We won’t spill the beans yet. Some of us decided to go back on Bumble and troll for new men.

I’m patting his face. I’m being sweet right now. I’m in big bad trouble.

It’s like a fishing boat heading into deep waters trolling for fish.

They Try To Keep In Touch With You

Let’s go fish number one. Let’s start at the top. Five Signs That Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back. What’s number one?

They try to keep in touch with you.

That sounds so dumb. What do you mean?

If they’re no longer dating you and they’re out of your life but they continue to pursue, talk to you and chase you down, drop you texts, snaps and dick pics, you call that breadcrumbing.

In the dating lingo, we call it that. How did you know that?

It’s because I know. I too am a divorce coach without a book, talents or skills.

They Ask Your Friends About You

Would you like to help me? Because we call that leaving little breadcrumbs so the person follows you along the trail of bread crumbs. That’s impressive, Mr. Healey. Number two.

They ask your friends about you all the time.

I did that as well.

You were chasing my friends for intel?

I talked to your friends every minute.

Friends, if this happens again, do not share anything with Jennifer.

What do you mean?

She doesn’t deserve to know.

That’s not nice but they picked me. They were team Jen.

They should be team Jim because they’re my friends.

They picked me.

If they were my friends, they would pick me.

They like me better.

Why would they like you better?

I’m fun.

You’re not fun.

I’m so fun. I love your friends. They’re so fun.

I didn’t hit up your friends about you because I don’t have any information. I couldn’t find them anywhere.

I found your friends on Facebook. I was like, “I’m so sad. I hate to say goodbye to you guys.” They’re like, “No, Jen. Don’t leave us.”

You didn’t do that.

I did. In fact, you were hiking and you didn’t look sad at all and I was like, “He’s out hiking and having a great time.”

You were on Bumble. I was in the woods.

You didn’t look sad at all. I was so sad.

I was in nature.

DDR Signs | Ex Coming Back Signs

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: A Divorce Coach’s Guide to Staying Married

I was getting drunk and whoring it up because I was so sad. That’s what girls do when they’re sad. We throw ourselves at other men because we’re so sad.

I’m not sure that’s the case. We should poll the populace and see what they say.

Ladies, when you’re sad and upset during your breakup, what do you do? The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. We all know that.

Is it really? Is that what occurred on Bumble?

They Tell Old Jokes And Share Old Memories

It’s not what I tell my clients, but that’s how I feel. What’s number three?

They tell old jokes and share memories about you with you. It’s the inside jokes between the two. He or she will say, “Remember that time?”

We did that.

Did we? You weren’t too busy on Bumble?

I’m not that busy on Bumble. I had one date and it wasn’t even a Bumble date. I won’t say who.

Do you know how many dates I had? Zero.

You were too busy hiking.

It was a better use of my time.

You didn’t seem sad or upset.

I was in nature. How could I be sad or upset?

I hate hiking.


You did that purposely because you know that I hate hiking.

No. My friends were going hiking and I was like, “I’m going to go with you.”

I saw you. You posted all these pictures on Facebook of you hiking and making pancakes and I was like, “He never makes pancakes for me.” I was so mad. Do you remember that? I was like, “He never once made pancakes in a full year and yet the one week we break up, he’s making pancakes.”

They were delicious.

They Try To Make You Jealous

What’s number four?

They make you jealous.

I made you jealous, didn’t I? Yes, I did.

By being a Bumble whore?

You were so jealous, were you not?


It worked. See, get back on Bumble. I’m kidding.

We do not suggest that you go back to Bumble.

It’s was not a good move. He was upset and it was wrong of me. You don’t need to do that. I was clearly trying to make you jealous. That’s what I was doing. It was one of the five signs that I eventually wanted you to come back. If you knew that back then that it was what I was trying to do, wouldn’t you feel better? He’s rolling his eyes.

I don’t think so. It would make you feel better, but I won’t feel better.

Why? You should. It was all for this.

Did Jennifer Aniston feel better or did Rachel feel better?

She did.

Did Ross cheat on her?

No, because they were on a break.

We were on a break.

Exactly, so you should not feel upset. We’re back together now. It’s been years. You’re fine. Get over it. Move on. Stop banking. People, you don’t have to bank. Banking is going back and taking something out of the bank and bringing it forward.

We are one of the preeminent banking centers in the country. This is where banking occurs. Charlotte, North Carolina is the number two banking center in the country.

They Haven’t Dated Anyone Since You Split

What’s number five?

They haven’t dated anyone else.

This doesn’t make sense to me.

This is me. I didn’t date anyone else. I went on a hike. You went on Bumble

That was what it is. Some people choose number four and they try to make their partner jealous and some people choose number five, which is they don’t go out with anyone. You went to number five and I went to number four. We both wanted the same outcome.

I wasn’t as slutty as you.

This is going so well. I love it when I have you.

Are you going to post this?

Maybe we shouldn’t post this. Especially seeing that I am going to be speaking at She Podcasts. Do you know what She Podcasts is, Jim? She Podcasts is the biggest all-female podcasting live experience.

Where did you go to school?

Atlanta. I’m a speaker. They’ve asked me to speak. I am so flipping excited. I’ve never been this excited in all my life. Thank you, ladies, for having me. Grab your tickets now girls. Guys can come too.

Is it gender-fluid?

Anybody can come, although it’s going to be mostly women. I’m telling you right now, it is going to be a wicked crazy event. It’s going to be awesome. We have some of the most amazing women speaking, including me, which I can’t believe because our keynote speaker is fricking off the hook. I can’t even believe it.

DDR Signs | Ex Coming Back Signs

Ex Coming Back Signs: Breadcrumbing is when an ex is already out of your life, but they continue to pursue you, talk to you, and chase you down.

Do you identify as a podcaster?

I do. I was chosen out of thousands of women to speak and there’s only 30 of us. I’m thrilled. If you are looking to podcast, if you already have a podcast and you want to network or thinking about starting a podcast, it’s surreal to me because in April of 2018, I did not have a podcast. I went to a podcast convention in San Diego, not even knowing what a podcast was and now I’m speaking at one of the largest podcast conventions in the world. I’m excited.


Thank you. She Podcasts Live in Atlanta, Georgia check them out. It’s on the weekend of my birthday. Jessica Kupferman, who is one of the event coordinators, she’s running the whole event is coming up in my podcast.

Hopefully, she’ll do a better job than I did.

She’s going to love you, Jim. She might have you speak one time, but I doubt it. You’re not a female. You don’t have a vagina. If you did, you could maybe speak.

I could wear a vagina costume.

You could be a big vagina. I don’t think so. We have five signs. Let’s go over them once again, Jim.

Five signs your ex will eventually come back. One, they try to keep in touch with you. Two, they ask your friends about you. Three, they tell old jokes and share old memories with you. Four, they try to make you jealous. Five, they haven’t dated anyone since you split.

Do you want to tell everyone how I got you back? Do you remember?

Which time?

Our big break.

Which break?

The big break up.

The 30th break?

The Rachel and Ross break up. Do you remember what I did? I told you that my remote control wasn’t working and I needed help.

It wasn’t your TV remote. Let’s be transparent. You’re not that desperate. It was the thing for your garage door.

I told you that the keypad on my garage door wasn’t working and I needed help desperately because I couldn’t get in and out of my house.

I definitely should’ve had let you call a handyman.

You didn’t and you came. He lives 45 minutes away from me. He drove all the way to my house to fix my keypad and he did.

I pushed her buttons.

He pushed my buttons and we lived happily ever after. Look where we are now doing a podcast together. Look at us, we’re so happy. For all of you who are in relationships, which are difficult because relationships are hard work and they’re tough whether you’re married or divorced or happily divorced or happily whatever, If you are wondering if your ex is coming back, these are some signs for you.

They may eventually come back.

Be on the lookout. If you don’t want them to come back, stand your ground and say, “I’m over you.”

“I didn’t like that person and they left but they want me back and I know it. I feel pretty good about myself that Joe left and now he wants me back because he’s sharing memories, he’s trying to make me jealous, and he’s asking my friends about me. He’s still interested, but no. Joe must go.”

This is fun. As usual, if you guys have any ideas for podcasts that you would like Jim and I to share with the world, feel free to send us an email at, on Facebook @JenniferHurvitzBiz or Instagram. Follow me there @JenniferHurvitzBiz as well. It’s been fun, Jim.

Yes, it has.

Thank you for coming.

You’re welcome.

Thank you for being here and helping me out.

I’m going to go change your batteries.

Once again, I love being here. Find me, call me, reach out to me. Get yourself a hat, peace love shirt. Thank you. Peace, love, and truth.

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