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Tips for Dating After Divorce (Good Ones!)

  1. Please make sure you are OVER YOUR EX!

  2. Recognize that great sex and good chemistry do not always lead to a Long Term Relationship (LTR). Sometimes, it's just good sex and that's okay!

  3. Don't fall for the ones that seem "too perfect" move "too fast" or are "too good to be true". All HUGE red flags. #lovebombing

  4. Get comfy with being your single self before trying to find a partner. You don't have to wait until you are "perfect" (no one is ever perfect!) but you should enjoy who you are post-divorce.

  5. Change your old mindset- you no longer have "a type". Date different people than you did in the past. Who knows? You might just find something you didn't like before.

  6. Remember the "Four SEXY C's to Dating" Confidence, Chivalry, Curiosity, and Conversation...they are all SEXY. Be confident. Chivalry is not dead. Ask good questions and be interested in your date. And try to be engaging and make the conversation fun! Smile, be positive, and have a good time!

Need a little help Dating After Divorce?

Reach out and book a FREE Clarity Call!

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