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Turn Adversity into Your Advantage with Doug Bopst

Doug Bopst is an award-winning personal trainer, author, speaker and business owner. Those credentials and accolades are a result of his own transformation. He is a former felon and drug addict, sentenced to years in jail due to his poor decisions. He chose to use that time locked in a small cell to beat his demons and reinvent himself thanks to a combination of faith, family and fitness. His experiences and acquired knowledge have allowed him to help others make changes in their lives as well…

Today we’re chatting about: 

  1. How Divorce impacted Doug’s journey.

  2. Doug’s journey of transformation.

  3. Dealing with your mental health and reinventing yourself.

Connect with Dr. Cohen: 

Get a copy of Jen’s book, “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: A Divorce Coach’s Guide to Staying Married” here

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