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Uncovering Your Role: Are You The Sparkle or The Glue?

I've been told I effortlessly light up any room I walk into.

I radiate an irresistible energy that is unfailingly thrilling and captivating.

There is a certain quality in me that draws everyone in.

People dig my "vibe".

Some find me overwhelming; others find it tiring to be in my presence, yet it feels awkward when I'm not in my usual state.


The Sparkle: the silly, the optimistic, the good time.

I'm the life of every party and the hip to almost everyone's hop. The one you call for a pick-me-up, to make you laugh, give you a heartfelt compliment. You know! The Sparkle. I'm the Mom at every playdate on the floor, playing with the kids, leading the dances at the parties, and singing along at music class. I'm "crazy" and have a high IQ, but I barely ever get to use it. Why? I'm too busy making the group crack up without time to be intelligent. No one ever asks my opinion about politics or how to solve the world's problems, but need a fun fact about the hottest show on Netflix or what to wear this season-- I'm your girl! I also aim to please (sometimes too much), and dimming my light is tough.

People try, but they don't last long- you can't "put out" a sparkle's glow.

Kind, compassionate, and tender-hearted, those with a Sparkle are loved Big with enthusiasm, just like fireworks! You never have to question how a Sparkle feels about you, darling!

I am The Sparkle, and who do I usually attract? You guessed it! The Glue.

The Glue: the calm, the realistic, the literal, and the practical.

The Glue is the cohesive force that binds The Sparkle together! They are available when needed (although sometimes on their timetable) and take pleasure in projects and tasks. They have established systems, checklists, and preferred methods of operation. Adhering to schedules is imperative, and they strictly abide by rules. Our Glue Stick does not tolerate rule-breaking and can become upset when others fail to comply. Glues struggle in large social gatherings and are easily overwhelmed by noisy or loud environments. They often seek solace by using their phones to distract from the chaos around them. This behavior serves as a self-soothing mechanism to manage anxiety; it is beneficial, so please don't ask them to put it down; the phone is helping! Glues possess intellectual prowess and a degree of egocentrism, which can sometimes be misconstrued as condescension. Their exceptional intelligence makes it difficult for them to engage with individuals they perceive as not being on their level.

They are less empathetic than the sparkly ones but capable of loving and feeling love. They may not use their words as often as a Sparkle, but when a Glue chooses to get vulnerable, the words are beautiful and worth the wait. They are sometimes tough to read and aloof, but The Glues LOVE us Sparkles.

The Glues gravitate toward The Sparkles.

The Sparkles require The Glue.

They make a perfectly imperfect team.

You may be wondering, how do I know this? ;)

xoxo Jennifer

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