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What Men REALLY Want in a Woman

I’ve had it. I’m done guessing. Stopped trying to figure it out…

I decided to go right to the source, Y’all! I asked my closest guy friends to tell me what men really want in a woman. I did it for YOU! (Thank me later, ok?) And let me tell ya it wasn’t comfortable asking all the tough questions–and getting the answers–without knocking some of these guys out. But I said to be HONEST. I told them to give it to me straight and be totally transparent…

In fact, I begged these poor fellas just to STOP the bullshit and spill the beans!

Sometimes, you should be careful what you wish for.

Hold on to your panties, pretty ladies….these boys were brutal. But to be fair, I did ask them to tell me what they are really looking for in a woman and I promised I wouldn’t divulge their personal info either. My lips are sealed!

Top 5 things Men are Looking For In General:

  1. Pretty smile

  2. Nice eyes

  3. Good physique

  4. A sense of humor (Gotta be funny!)

  5. Intelligence Runner-Up: (And no surprise) BIG TITS

Biggest Turn OFF on a First Date:

  1. Zero personality

  2. Annoying voice (I laughed at this one!)

  3. Stupidity

  4. NEGATIVE attitude. Runner-Up: Talks about herself the whole time.