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What now?

So, hi.

Remember me?

The girl with the blog.

Me! The one that used to annoy you, ranting…and swearing and shit!

Well, I’m back.

And I have to say I’ve missed you. Truly, I have. I’ve been so busy, I’m sorry! Don’t be mad….just accept me back into your life. Don’t punish me like a toddler that misses his Mommy when she goes on a vacation! Ya know, when you got back from a weekend away with your hubby, and the kid would ignore you for an hour? Be all bitchy and bratty. Treat you like shit. Piss on the floor. Oh, sorry, that’s the dog.

Ya well, here I am.

And I’m happy as fuck to be here.

It’s been way too long. But I have been launching my new book! One Happy Divorce- Hold the Bulls#!t. Marketing it, meeting about it, talking about it…breathing, eating and sleeping it. And now what? Now that it’s done, what do I do? Shit. Do I crawl into bed and sleep for a week? Cause I really feel like sleeping. Or crying. I’m fucking exhausted. But I can’t! I have TV spots, and book signings….articles to write. Places to be, books to sell!

Whoooaa! I’m not saying I’m not thankful!

I am. I am over the moon for all this good press, and positivity!

The feedback has been AMAZING. My readers are the best! I have been reading the most beautiful, heartfelt reviews on Amazon. I mean, they’re making me cry. Some of you could be writers! And I have good friends that came to my book signing event last week. No, not good friends…FANTASTIC friends. Mark was there, and the boys. And of course, Number 13. He is my rock. I loved looking up from the signing table…seeing him smiling, and schmoozing. He is my biggest fan. Not like Misery or anything! Just the most supportive human being on the planet. Number 13 is the reason I can breathe. Like, actually take in breath. Because he is the only person that can say “relax or calm down” and I still let him live. He says it, and I actually do it. I get all fucking nutsy-coo-coo, he says,”Jen, chill the fuck out.” And I do. Crazy, right? Annnnnd… he even held my lip gloss all night, gave it to me every time I needed a touch-up. Ha. He thinks he lost his man card for that one; I think he’s the greatest guy ever.

And the turnout was incredible, I was in shock. Especially since that day over 40 people cancelled! But the room was still packed; buzzing with book talk. I even had 25 plus friends (some of them were Number 13’s peeps, but hoping they are mine now, too) drive an hour just to be there to support me. And my girlfriend Beth came into town from Detroit to celebrate…could you die? All the way from Detroit. Oh, and don’t forget my dear friend Leslie that doesn’t leave the house when it rains. It was the most disgusting weather that night. Rainy and cold. GROSS. And my girl, Leslie still showed up. Damn, that is true friendship. Even I would’ve cancelled if it wasn’t my party! Thank you, all. 

My heart was full, so full.

I am so lucky.

But it’s overwhelming at times, too. When I feel like snuggling on the couch with Number 13 and the texts don’t stop; or I want to spend time with my kids and my phone is blowing up. Yikes. But I’ve told them it’s part of the deal now. When my publisher or publicist text, I need to respond. If I have a book signing, I might miss a game. Weird for us. The boys are used to me being around all the time, and basically at their beck and call. And are you ready for this? I even showed up to carpool last week SANS SNACK. Holy Hell, Hurvitz. The Weintraub Boys actually had to wait the 15 minutes to the house to eat? Yaaaass they did. And I wasn’t the first car in the carpool line, either! Shit is a changin’ around these parts.

Momma has a real job.

Momma wrote a book.

Momma is wondering what now?

Ugh. What now, y’all? I need a new thing! I’m obviously starting my book tour…which will keep me busy when I’m traveling. And I’m going to be on a couple podcasts! But what now, now? Should I rewrite the pilot again, blog lots more…or dare I say WRITE my next book? I can’t take a break, or slow down. It’s just not in me. I have to keep moving, or I’ll come to a screeching halt. Maybe I need a vacation to a warm, sunny place. But just for a few days. Without my laptop, or iPhone. Maybe I need to get a new tattoo. Or a dog. Sell my house and find a new one? Maybe I need a nap. 

Well, whatever I decide to do I’ll keep you posted. Duh. Goddess knows I have a fierce marketing plan in place…have you found a way to block me yet on Facebook? ha. 😉 

xo j

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