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Your Journey to Successful Weight Loss Starts Now!

Dr. David Rendelstein D.P.Sc is trained as a chiropractor and leading expert in the weight loss field, but more than that — he is a living testimonial to the success of weight loss through lifestyle change. He lost over ONE HUNDRED POUNDS IN SIX MONTHS using the very system he now uses to help clients lose weight they have been battling for years. Dr. Rendelstein’s extensive experience in helping people finally achieve lasting weight loss and wellness make ThinTech Weight Loss the perfect choice for those looking to lose weight and improve their quality of life.

Today we’re chatting about: 

  1. Why weight loss is a NOW proposition.

  2. The 3 most common days for heart attacks.

  3. Why you should start a diet now to lose the weight by New Years.

  4. How David’s thin test can help you.

Connect with Dr. David Rendelstein: 


  2. Call and mention Doing Divorce Right for a free consultation on your ThinTest!

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